Notes from the Lab is a bi-weekly newsletter exploring the creative process, the rituals and the thinking behind being a photographer and filmmaker.

I’m thinking about the creative process as a lifelong journey of learning and discovering, about ups- and downs, about failure and joy. And I decided to take you with me on that journey, relentlessly sharing my findings and the thoughts behind them. I want to demystify my practice and start an open and honest conversation with you.

This newsletter is about the conceptual and technical choices I make, a documentation of my day to day routines as a father and creative, a journal about projects and a logbook of the stuff I’m learning along the way.

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I’m Ramon Haindl, a photographer and filmmaker based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

I work for commercial and editorial clients including Google, Meta, Porsche, Mini, AirBnB, Rimowa, Lufthansa and Netflix, among others. And I published portraits and documentary pieces in magazines like ZEITmagazin, Wallpaper*, The Fader, Monocle, M le Monde and Bloomberg Businessweek.

I’m the founder of a photography community called CULT.

Other places you can find me:

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Thoughts and musings on process and progress, failure and curiosity by photographer and filmmaker Ramon Haindl


Ramon Haindl
I'm a german photographer working in stills & motion and founder of an online community called CULT.